KishuBaby, the first baby community token

About The Project $KISHUBABY

The Lovely KISHUBABY was created on June 27th, 2021 with the goal of being a decentralized meme project with a true purpose. Formed by an awesome team of highly-skilled devs, first-class marketing people, and a constantly ever-growing community.

Within the first 3 hours after its creation in the BSC network, KISHUBABY made an historic hype and quickly rose to a $5 milion market cap with more than 4,000 holders. This is a community driven token, where everyone is involved with token decisions such as choosing an effective anti-whale system, voting to burn tokens each week, do airdrops, or even donate to some charity projects.

The contract is currently verified in the BSC network and the liquidity lock provides the required safety for all investors funds. It also integrates a built-in smart staking system to reward holders with 5% of each transaction, so more KISHUBABY tokens are being automatically added to every wallet.

Total transparency with each and every marketing spend and effort. A monthly report will be delivered to provide all necesary information. Simply love, pet, and watch your Kishu Baby tokens grow.

Copy contract: 0x97Ad911101d4285a13A3240Ee35618edC511A435

Holders, more than 4,000 people trust in the project.
Purchase slippage, the buying slippage on the $KISHUBAY token is 10-12%, go buy now and HOLD!

Tokenomics & Stats

The following is the exact distribution of $KISHUBABY

Total Supply

Locked Liquidity

Everything is handled with transparency.

$KishuBaby Army

An impressive marketing team and community


Secure token ownership, 100% transparency

Anti-Whale System

Anti-whaling system activated!


Our work team is very active 24/7


$KISHUBABY launched on June 27th, 2021 and quickly became one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of 2021. This roadmap is a document that sets out the key milestones that the community intends to achieve in order to continue with rapid, decentralized and moon-like development.

✔️ Build core team

✔️ English, Spanish and Chinese Telegram groups

✔️ Website development and launch

✔️ Pre-Sale on Dxsale.app, reserve your sit in the rocketship

✔️ Reach 300 BNB as initial liquidity

✔️ Launch on PancakeSwap

✔️ 4,000 holders

✔️ 2,000 users on telegram group

✔️ List on coinsniper.net

✔️ Reach first place in dextools

⌛ First marketing campaign

⌛ List on coinhunt.cc

✔️ List on CoinGecko

⌛ List on CoinMarketCap

⌛ Influencers selection for the second marketing campaign

⌛ First manual token burn to increase the token's price

⌛ 10,000 holders

⌛ 10,000 users on telegram groups

⌛ Listing on several other exchanges

⌛ Third marketing campaign

⌛ Product merchandising. T-Shirts, Hats, 3d printed Kishu Babys and much more

⌛ Tackle real world challenges to help with marketing

⌛ 20,000 holders

⌛ 20,000 users on telegram groups

⌛ Fourth marketing campaign

⌛ NFTmarket? Swap? Dapps? MobileApps? The community decides what next step is, the devs are ready for the job.

Want to know more about the project? click here and view our PDF roadmap.

Token Distribution

This is the token distribution in $KISHUBABY

feature image
5% in rewards for anyone who does HOLD!
feature image
5% each transcacction is added to liquidity!
feature image
Anti-Whale System that will protect the price of the currency
feature image
A great community and a great team. With great plans for the currency.

✔️ 30% Pre-sale on dxSale.

✔️ 55% Reserved for PancakeSwap and other exchanges.

✔️ 5% Reserved for marketing efforts, tackling real-world challenges, etc.

✔️ 10% Reserved for the token's team Burned

If you want to contribute ideas for the growth of the $KISHUBABY project or want to promote the token, please write to us at the following email contact@kishu.baby

We will be very grateful with your donations: 0x6d32B7E2aaCd8297f85f1C638273302c801AC8a7